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Thank you for visiting Adam Tropics website.  We are a second generation grower serving Southern California for decades. Adam Tropics is one of multiple farming operations of Eden Farms LLC.  Our story started when our family purchased large parcels of coastal land between Orange County and San Diego County high on the hills of Deluz.  The sub-tropical climate combined with elevation and close proximity to the coast provided the ideal opportunity to grow many exotic and rare trees & palms.

After supplying our Fruits, Produce, Nuts, Honey and other farm related products on large scale to consumers, we are finding our customers astonished by three things often expressed to us: The amount of harvest yield from each tree comparing to their back yard trees , availability of rare varieties not found anywhere except from our farms, often bringing them wonderful memories of childhood or exotic vacations.  They also wonder how is it that everything tastes so much better comparing to fruits at the market or from their back yard. 

In response to customer requests, we are pleased to launch Adam Tropics, supplying Southern California customers directly, following our model of "Farm to Home".  By eliminating other distribution layers of nurseries and home improvement stores, we are able to bring you not only huge savings, but also give you many direct services such as free delivery, free installation, free landscape design, and package deals designed to bring you tropical resort style landscape. 

We hope you will appreciate our commitment to increase your property value, enjoy a little paradise at your home, and indulge yourself with amazing fruits hand picked from you own tropical garden.

We hope you will shop with us today or in the near future.  Please link our website to your favorite folder, and recommend us to your very good friends. 







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Kentia Palm

Stunning tropical palm with arching branches, multi-trunk.  Great indoor or outdoor palm, 24" box special offer now for only ...



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