Tropical Shrubs - Asian Elephant Ears

Bring a peace of topics to your landscape with this special variety of Elephant Ears, ideal in shaded areas, under palms or flowering shade trees.

Native to Asia and Polynesia, huge heart-shaped leaves come in black, purple, emerald green, or a mix of colors. The huge leaves can be more than 3 feet long on plants that can grow higher than 6 feet tall. Even the stems deliver impressive colors. In colder winter months, the Elephant Ear will go into a dormant state, only to return in more abundance in the spring. Coastal areas in Southern California may have continuous foliage all year round. This plant is a large outdoor evergreen with thick, green leaves and a thick, spongy stalk. Best to place in partial shade areas with good drainage at warmer spot in your front or backyard. 

Offered in oversize 15 - 20 gallon pots.







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