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Friday, 10 November 2017 17:47



On a warm day in September, in rural area of San Diego County, our staff planted a family orchard that included just about every kind of fruit tree your heart would desire. The owner was happy to see his property transformed from bare land to rows of attractive trees, many already bearing fruits.  Excited by the event of the day, he came out at night to enjoy the cooler breeze, admiring the sight of his Orchard.  

Suddenly ... he pointed his flashlight at some of the smaller trees and noticed a rabbit eating at the trunk of his banana tree, he rushed to chase it off, only minutes later, same rabbit was biting the new growth of his Coffee and Lychee trees.  This was becoming a battle with a stubborn rabbit.

The owner quickly placed small temporary fencing around the smaller trees, fortunately he got there just in time.

Property owners in rural areas should take extra steps to protect their gardens and fruit orchards.  As your trees grow and produce large crops, it is inevitable to find more rabbits and squirrels multiplying at a high rate.  Here are 5 tips to manage rabid growth of such creatures:

1. Protect smaller plants and trees with garden fencing, or use individual tree fence wrap. We do offer Tree Sleeves, 16" sleeve that warps around the bottom of trees or to protect small tree seedlings.

2. Collect all fruits from your trees when ready to minimize fruit dropping.  The idea is to minimize easy access to food, thus controlling their spread and multiplication. 

3.  Use traps to catch Rabbits and squirrels.  You will likely never eliminate them, but just to keep their count under control.  You can release them at other rural areas or in public habitats.  

4. Consider having a cat or dog, they are excellent in chasing away such creatures.

5.  Fencing is only helpful with Rabbits but not squirrels.  Consider using T Trap with Squirrels if they get out of control - Use 3" drain pipe, cut 3 pieces about one foot long each, use T Coupling to connect all 3 pieces. Place a cap on the upper side of the T, leaving other 2 side open as a small open tunnel.  Use cap to open and pure Squirrel pellets, refile daily and place near their colonies. 

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While many retail nurseries offer what we call "Freeway Trees", not really appropriate for home owners, we focus on trees that are gentle and have positive features to contribute to your garden, not intrusive in their growth, neat (do not make a mess), and certainly will not destroy your pluming, nor get inside your swimming pool.

During installation, we make sure all planting of trees is optimal, your landscape is ideal, not just for you, but also for your adjacent neighbors.

Freeway trees such as Eucalyptus or Pepper trees while they look attractive inside small containers at nurseries, most homeowners don't realize the amount of "mess" produced once such trees are mature. People tell us it was hard to know because they drive by them at high speed.  Roots can get quite large and destructive too!

Here is a true story told by Kevin

Several years ago, the neighbors behind me placed a eucalyptus tree that was 10 foot tall at the time, 20 inches from our property line.

I immediately asked them to relocate the tree, but they refused, saying they'd keep it trimmed (they haven't).

Years have passed. We've dealt with and been distracted by the massive amount of mess the thing makes in our yard and have concentrated on cleaning it up.

Big mistake.

The tree is now between 50 - 60 feet tall.

There is a crack which runs vertically (down the wall) of our swimming pool.

Coming out of the crack, just below the pool water line, are little fingers of tree roots.

The tree sits about 20 inches higher than where the roots are coming out of my pool.

There is a planter bed/retaining wall between the tree, a narrow pool deck walk, and finally, the pool wall.

The total distance between where the tree sits and where the roots come out of the pool is 6 feet, 8 inches.

We have done some digging in the planter bed in the immediate area where the crack in the pool wall/roots are.

There is a pretty serious root cluster with about 8 shoots of roots ranging in diameter between 3 and 6 inches.

One of these shoots is sort of a double in that there are two distinct roots, but they are sort of bound together.

This is the root that appears to be growing directly into the concrete.

Can a tree root crack concrete/a pool wall?

Sure looks like it.

What do you all think?


Thank you Kevin for sharing your story.  It is unfortunate, now is a good time to remove this tree.  The mess and problems are not only at your yard, but certainly at the neighbor yard too.  There are many alternative shade trees, privacy hedges offered on Adam Tropics website which will improve the overall landscape, bring both you and your neighbor real "peace of mind". We are happy to make specific recommendations, no charge for landscape design for all of our valued customers.


Tuesday, 24 April 2018 09:46



If it were up to most parents, kids would be eating fruit and veggies at every meal.

But let’s face it—kids are extremely picky and eating healthy-looking foods is the last thing they want to do.

But kids aren’t the only ones that aren’t impressed by plain old fruit; if you’re throwing

a backyard BBQ, what better way to wow your guests than with a beautiful fruit display!

Here are 16 creative ideas to make fruit the main event:

Butterfinger Apple Nachos


Hummingbird Cupcakes


Fruit ‘n Waffle Kabobs with Maple Cinnamon Yogurt Dip


Brownie ‘n Berries Dessert Pizza


Strawberry Rose



Fruit Salad Idea


Nutella Fruit Dessert Tacos


Owl Fruit and Vegetable Carving


BBQ Fruit Display


Fruit Cars


Fresh Fruit Cake


Banana Penguins


Watermelon Pirate Ship


Fruit in Ice Cream Cones


Homemade Fruit by the Foot


 By Jessica Witt at Food Network.

Tuesday, 13 February 2018 17:45


We always say "go and talk to your trees", they are excellent communicators, very easy to understand.  They will tell you if they are happy or sad, hungry or thirsty, if they need a hair cut or make over, they proudly show off their fruits, and can't wait for you to appreciate the good job they have done.  They ask for little of your time and attention 

Take all the fruits

Fruit trees are very happy when you take all the fruits.  It will be interpreted by the tree as an appreciation, in return, your tree will produce even bigger harvest for you next year until fully mature.  Leaving many fruits on the tree beyond time of harvest will cause much of its energy to be diverted, fruits will spoil. If you don't take all the fruits, don't be surprised if next year you find a smaller harvest with even smaller size fruits.  If harvest is beyond your needs, best to collect all remaining fruits and use for juice, canning, or share with friends and neighbors.

Deep watering

Most fruit trees will appreciate deep watering less often than frequent light watering. This will help to establish deeper roots, strong tap root, and give more strength and stability to your tree. 

Make over once a while

Removing hard branches, branches that cross each other, and trimming length of tree branches.  Several types of fruit trees produce fruits on new growth, prefer to keep distance short between fruit and the main trunk of tree.  This will give you bigger fruits, manageable size tree that is easy to harvest, and easy to see the inside of the tree, allowing for more light and sun to penetrate the inside branches for healthier tree.

Thursday, 01 March 2018 01:44



When you follow organic practices, incorporate flowering and fragrant trees into your landscape, you will discover your garden is not only pleasing to your eyes, but also attract other friendly creatures such as pollinating bees, humming birds and butterflies.  

They all play important role in your garden.  They pollinate your trees providing you with abundance of fruits, feed on insects, trim your weeds, provide you with stress relief, and certainly increase your property value.

Most flowering shade trees, flowering shrubs offered by Adam Tropics will make for excellent host to these little wonderful creatures.  If you have a water feature in your garden such as fountain or pond, this will surely make your garden a permanent home for your new little friends.  Birds will make their own little nests in your trees, other singing birds will soon follow and turn your garden into a little piece of paradise. 

Sunday, 17 June 2018 01:43

23 Tips for Abundant Backyard Harvest

What  a pleasure to walk in your garden, watch your fruit orchard grow into productive trees, observe the new buds and flowers for each new season, fill your lungs with healthy oxygen, bring yourself to a complete state of peace and tranquility upon the sudden impact of sweet fragrance all around you.

As weeks pass by, buds turning into leaves, flowers into little fruits, no more time to wait, the time is finally here to enjoy the harvest of your labor, to pick your very special fruits from your garden.

It is easy to maximize your harvest, turn it into an all rear round experience with a little planning ahead.  Here are some tips that may bring more pleasure, plentiful harvest, and fruits that taste amazing directly from your garden to your kitchen table.

  1. Grow good things that you like
  2. Try new types of fruits
  3. Grow types that produce in all 4 seasons of the year 
  4. Don’t grow too many trees of the same kind
  5. Grow Trees that make amazing drinks
  6. Grow trees that make great jams, and baking 
  7. Grow trees that produce expensive - hard to find fruits
  8. Grow trees with multiple purposes: fruits, beautiful shape, flowers, and fragrance.   
  9. Keep trees within your reach, some require pruning and trimming.
  10. Some trees will produce only on new growth, keep then under 10 feet tall.
  11. Inter-plant to minimize insects, harvest at different times of year.
  12. Pick things at their peak.  Tree ripen fruits are the best tasting fruits.
  13. Pick all fruits to make tree happy at end of season.
  14. Prune when trees are dormant – such as stone fruits and persimmons
  15. Prune after last harvest for tropical trees – such as Guava.
  16. Remove dead branches, lower branches, make it easy to see inside of tree.
  17. Deep watering is best for more fruits, bigger fruits especially in late Spring and summer time
  18. Look at the trees, they will tell you what is needed.  Perhaps more water, pruning, fertilizer, sun.  
  19. Remove weeds as they compete with your trees.  Mulch can decrease weeds and water use.
  20. User your own green waste as mulch and a natural fertilizer.
  21. Use the right tools to prune your trees, move soil around the base
  22. Learn how to can and dry fruits.  Freeze extra fruits in small packs.
  23. If you have too much, trade with friends for what you don’t have.

Please don't hesitate to let us know how your garden is coming along, or if you have any questions.  Stop by and say hello at one of our participating Farmers Markets. We love to receive pictures of gardens that we planted years before, see the progress and how beautiful they have become under your love and care.  

Monday, 26 November 2018 10:05

Indoor Plant Care

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Indoor Plant Care


Brighten your home or office with Adam Tropics indoor plants.

Plant care Guide


Indoor plants such as Anthuriums and Calanthea provide beautiful blooming and colorful foliage, keep indoor in moderate home temperatures of 65 - 75 F degrees during day time, and about 60 - 65 F degrees at night.  

Keep soil moist but not wet.  Apply fertilizer during the growing season.  Remove leaves and blooms when spent.

Plants require well lit position, away from direct sunlight and draft.

For Orchids, follow same plant care as above, cut back blooming stem when blooms are spent.


Friday, 12 May 2017 00:00

Indoor Plant Care

Brighten your home or office with Adam Tropics indoor plants.

Plant care Guide

Adam Tropics is launching several major Block Parties this Spring / Summer, perhaps you like to co-sponsor a party for your neighborhood!  It is a fun way for you to get together with friends and meet your neighbors, we will bring a truck load of flowers, fruits trees, indoor plants, tropical palms, and many exotic plants while you welcome the neighbors with Hot Dogs and Sodas.  If it looks like the party will be too big, we can also have our sister operations

Friday, 12 May 2017 00:00


Residential Landscape in Orange County       







Start a block Party in your Neighborhood with Adam Tropics
You invite your friends and neighbors, we bring the Show

GREAT way to meet friends in new Track homes. Read More


Kentia Palm

Stunning tropical palm with arching branches, multi-trunk.  Great indoor or outdoor palm, 24" box special offer now for only ...



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