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We always say "go and talk to your trees", they are excellent communicators, very easy to understand.  They will tell you if they are happy or sad, hungry or thirsty, if they need a hair cut or make over, they proudly show off their fruits, and can't wait for you to appreciate the good job they have done.  They ask for little of your time and attention 

Take all the fruits

Fruit trees are very happy when you take all the fruits.  It will be interpreted by the tree as an appreciation, in return, your tree will produce even bigger harvest for you next year until fully mature.  Leaving many fruits on the tree beyond time of harvest will cause much of its energy to be diverted, fruits will spoil. If you don't take all the fruits, don't be surprised if next year you find a smaller harvest with even smaller size fruits.  If harvest is beyond your needs, best to collect all remaining fruits and use for juice, canning, or share with friends and neighbors.

Deep watering

Most fruit trees will appreciate deep watering less often than frequent light watering. This will help to establish deeper roots, strong tap root, and give more strength and stability to your tree. 

Make over once a while

Removing hard branches, branches that cross each other, and trimming length of tree branches.  Several types of fruit trees produce fruits on new growth, prefer to keep distance short between fruit and the main trunk of tree.  This will give you bigger fruits, manageable size tree that is easy to harvest, and easy to see the inside of the tree, allowing for more light and sun to penetrate the inside branches for healthier tree.







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