Cardboard Palm

Commonly known as cardboard palm or cardboard cycad. Other names include cardboard plant, and Jamaican sago.

Place it in a sunny spot, and you'll find it needs little attention to thrive. Avoid getting water on the base of the plant or the foliage, Shrub-like plant, semi-succulent that holds water in its thick trunk, so it won't mind if you occasionally forget to water. You'll never need to prune, because it grows in a rosette from the trunk, creating a full, leafy plant -- from the base to the top. The stems can grow several feet long and are covered with thick, fuzzy leaves that feel dry and papery like cardboard.

This is a dramatic accent for your home.  Can be indoor in a sunny spot or in warm spot in your garden.

Offered in oversize 3 Gallon pots.

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