Cherimoya Fruit Tree

The fruits are known by several names such as Custard Apple, Sharifa, Cherimoya. Tree will grow to 30 feet high, weeping branches will create a wide canopy. Raise bottom branches of tree in order to walk under its shade and collect fruits from the inside branches. Prune every one or two years to keep its width to your desired size. Tree will produce fruits up to 3 pounds each valued at $15 per one large Cherimoya. With reasonable care, you can expect about $800 in annual harvest.
Tree Size

Trees are offered in large size, similar to 24" box.  Remove lower branches and let it grow as a single main trunk.  Fast growth, best to also order other plants that will attract bees (see jade plant below as an example) to provide optimal pollination and maximize harvest production.  Fruits have high nutritious value with properties to fight cancer.

Star Fruit TreeDate Palm - 15 Gallons
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