Dioon Palm - Giant

This is the largest cycad, growing up to 50 ft tall in habitat, over centuries, about 5' to 12' high in most Southern California areas.
Tree Size

Features large 6 foot leaf spread and a 12+ inch diameter trunk. Its pinnate (feather-shaped) leaves are 5-7 ft long and extend radially out from the trunk with 150-250 leaflets on each leaf. These leaflets are flat, with small marginal thorns tapering to a sharp point.  

This plant is fast growing for a cycad and may be the most popular Dioon. It prefers a subtropical or tropical climate, and partial shade or filtered sun. It handles moisture and humidity better than cycads varieties, but must be kept in well-draining soill.  It is frost-sensitive, certainly adding an exotic but formal touch in any garden in warm / coastal areas.  It can be an excellent feature plant in a tropical landscape, often substituting for larger palm where a large crown is desired without a tall trunk. Dioon spinulosum can also have a spectacular place in a small garden where space is limited, or as an exotic striking plant beneath large trees or any structure that allows at least filtered sunlight. 

Offered in oversize 10 Gallon Pots.

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