European Fan Palm - Special Price

The European Fan Palm is one of the most versatile palm trees, can handle colder weather, no problem for Southern California homes located inland or in areas of higher elevation. It is also drought resistant and rugged, so this beauty with its robust demeanor is sure to capture hearts.

This Palm forms trunks that can grow up to 15 feet in height. Long, fan-shaped leaves grow up to 24 inches long and provide dramatic appeal that gives that undeniable tropical look. Stunning in color, the leaves of the European Fan Palm bring various greens, blues, grays and yellows to your landscape.
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As the Palm matures, it boasts numerous trunks which encircle the main trunk. This layering effect provides interesting depth to any area. Low maintenance and hardy European Fan Palm is super versatile and can be grown in numerous settings.

Planted in groups, European Fan Palm forms a fantastic privacy screen that not only creates an intimate setting, but offer superb texture. Another excellent option is to plant this species side by side to create a splendid natural fence.

Easy to grow even in poor soil conditions & naturally pest resistant.  Offered either in oversize 25 gallons pots or 24" boxes.

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