Flame Vine

Bring a spectacular show of fiery color during winter and spring to your landscape. The stunning orange flowers grow in clusters, usually along the top of the vine, and they attract hummingbirds.

Flame vines grow in full sun to partial shade, though they bloom more heavily with more sun.

This is a fast growing vigorous vine, it will cover a long fence in a hurry - or anything else for that matter. Give it plenty of room because it can (and will) climb over anything in its path - shrubs, trees, the house, you name it. These vines have been known to completely cover and eventually strangle trees, so use good judgment in planning for mature size.

"Right plant - right place" is the key to enjoying this beautiful vine for years to come. And the upside of its growth rate is fast coverage...and less plants to buy for a fence full of flowers.

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