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Silver Bismarck Palm - Box

Their blue / silver color and overall beauty make this palm ideal as a center piece in your landscape. It can withstand colder, and even below freezing temperatures, no problem to plant in interior regions of Southern California.
In a tropical landscape where everything is green, the silver blue color stands out. When neighbors drive by, they will not be able to help but to stop and take notice.
Tree Size

In a tropical landscape  where everything is green, the silver blue color will stands out. The stiff fan shaped leaves are deeply segmented to about a third or so of the way through. A mature tree's leaves can get 8 to 10 ft wide.  We recommend this palm tree because it doesn't have spikes or needles growing on the leaf stalks. Most other fan palms do.  This makes it very easy to grow and maintain.

Large Palms offered in oversize Box.

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