Royal Palm - Box

Native to Central and northern parts of S. America and Caribbeans. Royal Palm Trees are popular in many warm, coastal landscapes, ideal in our Southern California coastal region. The grace and beauty of a Royal Palm makes it perfect choice to feature "Grand elegance" of your home. Nothing says “tropical” like the majestic Royal Palm.
Tree Size

Dark green arching fronds emerge from a bright green crown shaft. Pinnate, or feather-like, fronds grow up to 6-10ft long. Fragrant, yellow flowers bloom in the summer. Evergreen leaf-blades reaching 18 to 36 inches top a crown shaft that is long and green. Purple to black half-inch fruits are showy but not edible. The Royal Palm can get up to 60 – 70ft tall and 5 -10 ft wide with a growth rate of about one to two feet each year.  Offered in oversize 25 Gallons pots or 24" Box.

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