Tropical Palms

Royal Palm - Box

Native to Central and northern parts of S. America and Caribbeans. Royal Palm Trees are popular in many warm, coastal...

Tree Size

Sago Palm - Large

Sago Palm is certainly very popular as a low height slow growing palm, can reach 6 feet in height with thick trunk,...

Tree Size

Silver Bismarck Palm - Box

Their blue / silver color and overall beauty make this palm ideal as a center piece in your landscape. It can...

Tree Size

Sugar Cane Palm - Tall

A colorful, clumping palm, originally from Madagascar. Featuring orange/red coloring at the base of new shoots, rising...


Traveler's Palm - Box

Ravenala madagascariensis, commonly known as Traveler's tree or traveler's palm, from Madagascar.

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Kentia Palm

Stunning tropical palm with arching branches, multi-trunk.  Great indoor or outdoor palm, 24" box special offer now for only ...



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