1 Day Garden Makeover Bundle

40 Fruit trees, Palms, indoor plants and Shrubs at 1/2 price special offer, with free Local Delivery. We bring "Our Mobile Garden Store to your DOOR". Price Valid for orders placed prior to May 31.


As Simple as 1 ... 2 ... 3.

1) Order Online.  If you have a large yard, perhaps you like to order quantity 2 - get twice the plants in this offer.

2) Our truck will bring your delivery, test your planting locations, bring additional selections should you require anything extra. 

3) Relax ... enjoy the delicious fruits, the amazing blossoms, and the wonderful fragrances.

Your bundle includes:

10 Fruit Trees:- Citrus, Stone Fruits, Apple, and Tropical Fruits.  Our truck will bring your 10 trees, will also bring extra in case you like to swap or change the selection. You can also purchase additional trees if you like more than 10 fruit trees. 


5 Palm Trees:- The bundle features 2 tall palms such as King, Queen, or Fox Tail, and 3 feature palms such as Sago, Multi-Trunk Pygmy Date, or Cardboard Palm.  Your 5 palms will be delivered along with extra palms in case you like to change the selection, or purchase additional palms.


5 Indoor Plants:- The bundle includes 5 wonderful indoor plants such as Anthurium, Bromeliad, Dracaena, Lucky Bamboo, and Hanging Pothos.  The delivery will include your bundle plus additional varieties should you wish to swap, or get additional plants.


20 Shrubs:- Too many flowering shrubs are included in your bundle ... too many to list, we will prepare an attractive collection of 20 plants for you, keeping in mind some will be planted in full sun, others in partial shade.  Again, will also bring many extra for your selection, or should you wish to purchase any extra.


Limited time offer.  Free Local Delivery in Temecula / Deluz, La Cresta, Murrieta and surrounding areas up to 30 miles round trip.  If you live outside this immediate area, no problem, just pay a nominal fee of $1 / mile extra.  That is all folks!








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