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Bring a little more happiness and elegance to your Supermarkets with Adam Tropics

Here is what you can expect from Adam Tropics:

  • Complete merchandising, display, refill, pricing, bar codes, and plant care for your entire Flowering Plants Section

  • Weekly visits to each of your locations once or twice weekly to restock your shelves, and price each plant

  • Stock rotation, placing seasonal plants, special packaging with colors and themes to match holidays and special events

  • Large selections of indoor plants, tropical plants, color shrubs, tall plants, indoor fruiting trees, outdoor color plants, patio fruits trees, holiday plants, gift wrap, urban gardens in mini containers, and succulent arrangements.

  • Significant increase of sales, higher profits (about twice the profit from Milk and dairy products).

  • Repeat business, most customers purchase multiple plants during multiple weekly visits.

  • Great value for consumers, your customers will appreciate our low prices

  • Easy business for you, just provide us the space ... we will take care of everything.

For more information, please contact us
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Start a block Party in your Neighborhood with Adam Tropics
You invite your friends and neighbors, we bring the Show

GREAT way to meet friends in new Track homes. Read More


Kentia Palm

Stunning tropical palm with arching branches, multi-trunk.  Great indoor or outdoor palm, 24" box special offer now for only ...



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