Avocado for Florida - 4-5 feet tall

When it comes to Avocado, we are experts with decades of experience as grove owners.

Adam Tropics offer many varieties, our Florida variety is perfect for Central and Northern Florida Climate. Trees are medium size and ideal for home owners looking to put a few trees in your back yard.

Florida Avocado is offered in 2 sizes, an affordable 4 -5 foot tall trees grafted, ready to produce fruits next season, as well as the most competitive price for larger size trees in 10 Gallons, ready to produce fruits this season.
Tree Size


We do not ship larger trees if interested in purchasing 10 gallon size, please pick up locally in Central Florida at the nearest participating Farmer market location available. Contact us to coordinate pickup.

You can trim height of tree to desired size, grow it as a tree or as a large hedge. 








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