Sky Flower

Duranta erecta 'Sapphire Showers' (Picotee Sky Flower) - Grown for its summer flowers and ornamental fruit, grows with an arching habit to 25 feet tall and nearly as wide - grown as a tree it is more upright in habit with a spread about half the width. In late spring and summer, cascading clusters of 3/4 inch wide flowers in intense violet-blue with a white picotee edge along the flared petal tips. The flowers are followed by wonderfully contrasting orange-yellow berries. Here in Southern California, this plant can be in flower nearly year round with flowers and fruit appearing at the same time.

Sky Flowers does best in full sun with frequent deep watering. A good choice for espaliers, as a small tree or large bush; all forms benefit from frequent selective pruning. Flowers are very attractive to butterflies. If you have little children in your home, be sure to let them know NOT to eat the little berries as they are bitter and also poisonous to humans.  Offered in large 15 - 20 Gallon pots.







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